It is a dark, cold night. 

You stumble upon a castle and a cave filled with dangerous monsters, rumored to be never ending. 

However, that only motivates you, since you are a Knight who was trained to absorb the souls of every 
enemy you eliminate and grow more powerful as you do so. 

As you begin your relentless attack, how many kills will it take for the very source of your power to turn against you?

How to play

Reach level 15 to gather all curses and win the game! 


  • Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move
  • Up and Down Arrow keys: Pan camera up or down
  •  Z Key: Jump
  • X Key: Attack
  • Z, then X Key + Left or Right Arrow Keys: Air attack (stays more time in the air)


Developed by Particles Game Studio

  • Developers and Designers: Caio Favoretto and Thomaz Erlach
  • Designer: Diego Arias
  • Music and SFX: Thiago Costa

 Made in Brazil

Good Luck! 


Fixed some bugs a little late, because unity was crashing all the time...

For more updates after ludum dare, check out the game on our website:

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