In a world where  there is only one goal, to reach the lighthouse.

No matter what happens, you just have to complete the level!

How to play

Try to reach the end of each level, but don't trust too much in the game.


Remember that the game could be lying, try to not make literally what it says!


  •  Arrow Keys / WASD: Move
  •  Z Key / Spacebar: Jump
  • X Key: Activate your power
  • Hold Tab + Left or Right Arrow Keys: Change your power 
  • X Key, then Arrow Keys / WASD: Change your power direction
  • Escape Key: Pause


Developed by Particles Game Studio

  • Developers and Designers: Caio Favoretto and Thomaz Erlach
  • Music and SFX: Thiago Costa

 Made in Brazil

Good Luck! 

For more information about our games, check our website:


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Very promising game. Main criticism is that controls are weird ('z' to jump instead of 'space', etc.) and (more important) no gamepad support.

The death reload time is also quite long for a game like this (in which you die often).


Hey, very polished game. But Level3 is a bit hard, still not beat it. haha