Incompatible Genres = Pixel Art Game + Hand-Drawn Game


You and your friend are passing the night together, playing some games.

When one portal appears, grab your friend, and then the portal closes.

You go outside of your house and realize something is different from before...

Chunks of pixels have appeared in your hand-drawn world and some enemies have appeared!

Now you with your boomerang, must grab all 10 pixels, free your friend and restore the world.

How to play

Grab all 10 Pixels and free your friend!

Watch out for the enemies!!


 Left and Right Arrow Keys: Move

Up and Down Arrow keys: Controls Boomerang in air

Z Key: Jump

 X Key: Throws Boomerang

Esc: Pause the game and show progress


 Developed by Particles Game Studio 

  • Developers and Designers: Caio Favoretto and Thomaz Erlach
  • Designer: Victor Sagava
  • Music: Cauê Arias

Made in Brazil

Good Luck!

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